Fortal Liquid 12-61-0 NPK (packaging from 1l. to 1000l.)

Fortal Liquid NPK 12-61-0+Т.Е. – liquid complex fertilizer with high content of phosphorus and trace elements in chelated form EDTA, intended for:

soil application,

foliar fertilization during the vegetation of the plant and soil application during irrigation and fertigation.

Chemical composition:

Nitrogen 12%;
Phosphorus 61%;
Potassium 0%;
Iron, Fe (chelated EDTA) 0.005%;
Zinc, Zn (chelated EDTA) 0.005%;
Manganese, Mn (chelated EDTA) 0.003%;
Copper, Cu (chelated EDTA) 0.003%; 
Boron, B Magnesium, Mg (based on MgO) 0.01%.

Introduction Fortal Liquid NPK 12-61-0+Т.Е. provides:
– increase of resistance of plants to stressful environmental conditions;
– optimal nutrition of plants during the growing season of plants;
– increase of individual productivity of plants;
– improving the quality of the crop;
– increase of productivity;
– reducing labor, energy and material costs.

All rates should be calculated individually depending on the composition of the soil PH.

Generalized rates of fertilizer consumption Fortal Liquid NPK 12-61-0+Т.Е. in foliar feeding:

The rate of consumption of working fluid – 150-200 L / HE.
Expiration date – 3 years.
Producer: Jordan.

The drug is compatible with other types of fertilizers, but in each case it is recommended to test for the physico-chemical compatibility of the mixed preparations.

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