About Company

“AGRO-STAR 2013” is an official exclusive supplier of high-tech concentrated liquid mineral fertilizers, with micro and macro elements, from Jordan in Ukraine.

Our products have been tested at the leading agricultural institutes in Ukraine. According to their results, it was found that treatment with complex liquid mineral fertilizers produced by our company (Fortal Liquid NPK) positively affects the plant’s resistance to extreme weather events (air drought), improves the structure and quality of the crop (number of beans per plant, number of seeds in a bean, a mass of 1000 seeds, individual plant productivity).

The presented products incorporate a high concentration of basic chemical elements (NPK) and have no analogues on the modern market. All fertilizers have an appropriate level of quality, which is confirmed by relevant certificates.

Purposefulness of the work of our specialists and the experience gained in cooperation with many agricultural enterprises of Ukraine have shown high results (quantitative and qualitative indicators) of productivity in different crops. The company’s team is committed to providing our customers with a full range of services in the use of concentrated liquid mineral fertilizers and will also share their own experience to increase the quantitative and qualitative indicators of the crop.

We guarantee the high quality of our products!

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